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Best Amazon Keyword Tool For Affiliate Blogs

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We will share with you here Amazon keyword tool for affiliate blogs. Amazon is one of the best affiliate networks worldwide. Affiliate marketing is the first choice of any blogger, and they are earning well from affiliate marketing. Do you want to make money from your affiliate blog? First all you need to play a role with keywords.

I know your question will be what play role keywords are?

Yes, the Amazon keyword tool plays a significant role in search ranking.

As we are sitting in the hotel and seeing things like hotel use tikka dishes, hotel kitchen products, or we are sitting at relative or friend’s house and seeing things they use at their home,
The same thing we search on Amazon and check their details and prices, then we get their monthly search volume by tools, even search at google trends to get an idea is this profitable product or not.

If your mind says, this is profitable so select that product and type in excel sheet and save it.

Same find nine more relevant products to make it Top 10 best.

Eg. We saw charging lights at relatives’ houses, then go to Amazon and search it and check details of the top one with 300+ customer reviews.

Amazon Keyword Tool Formula

Convert your charging lights keywords in buyer keywords. In my view, I make 5 types of buyer keywords.

[Keyword][Under $10]
[Where to buy][Keywords]
[Top 10 Best][Keyword]

Eg. After playing a role with keywords, we found charging light and charging light is profitable for us as per google trends.

Amazon keywords list

  1. Charing Lights Under $10
  2. Dewo Charging Lights Reviews
  3. Where to buy Charging Lights
  4. Best Charging Lights Lists
  5. Top Ten Best Charging Lights

I know you will say Amazon’s keyword search volume is very low who will search it?

Be sure to check manually buyer keyword competition, check other top 20 competitors, where they are linking is that hard for you? Keep checking competitors you will get an idea yourself.

As per google trends said charging light keyword have good trends people search it daily/monthly.

Amazon Keyword Tool

So no worries keep working on it with closing eyes and starting writing article on it soon your buyer keyword convert into profitable keywords also your site start ranking with a single keyword without buyer keyword you need to make an effort by closing eyes and believe yourself.

Conclusion: Finding the profitable Amazon keyword tool for an affiliate or search engine is a critical task in blogging. We have shared with you the secret of the Amazon Keywords formula. Like this post? Please share with social media and leave your opinion by comments.

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  1. kankana saha says

    can you also post a similar content for flipkart and alibaba network? this trick looks better than LSI software to generate kwyword.

    1. Ramiz Syed says

      Dear Kankana Saha,
      This will also work for Flipkart or any other site.