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Best Affiliate Programs in India Top Affiliate Marketing Companies

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We have sorted out the best affiliate programs in India. Top affiliate marketing companies those offer good affiliate commission for you. In this digital era everyone looking to earn online and finding the way of passive income.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

You would like to know more about essential affiliate marketing. I strongly suggest you read my post on what is affiliate marketing?

In simple words, an affiliate means the recommendation. For example, I am going to buy any products or services, and you recommend me to buy so and so products. Suppose I buy those products and service referred by you, then you will get your affiliate commission from top affiliate marketing companies.

If you are planning to start Top affiliate marketing in India and looking for top Indian affiliate networks, those offer high affiliate commission. Then there are some best Indian Affiliate Networks and Programs to get started.

Best Affiliate Programs in India

Best Affiliate Programs in India

  1. Flipkart Affiliate Program
  2. Amazon Affiliate Program India
  3. ShopClues Affiliate Program
  4. Optimise Affiliate Program
  5. VComission Affiliate Program

Best Affiliate Programs in India Marketing Tips for Beginners:

Before you join any affiliate network in Indian or worldwide read their terms and condition.

Check the payout policies, minimum payment amount, pay duration, etc.

Must read affiliate customer’s reviews and feedback about the affiliate network.

Check their customer support number, email id, or response to you.

Most affiliate networks are honest, but not all are equal every affiliate networks have their terms and condition when it comes to payout.

Top Affiliate Marketing Companies in India

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart’s most popular top eCommerce company in India, they are the success to build trust in the Indian audience. They spend their right amount on advertising and affiliate network. Whatever your niche Flipkart offer best affiliate programs in India with an extensive range of products. They also provide a variety of tools to help you improve your campaigns, ranging from simple banners & widgets to putting listings on your own site. You can also use the API to access Flipkart’s features and listings, and present them in a customized format.

Flipkart Affiliate Commission: they have set various commission modules for their affiliate network start from 0.01% to 10% depends on products. You can check full commission details here: Flipkart affiliate commission

Amazon Affiliate Program India

Amazon an international brand, but very frequently used in India. They promote their brand through various offers discount coupons and festival sales regularly. All kinds of products in multiple categories but also its home-grown products like Kindle, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Fire TV Stick, etc.

Amazon Affiliate Commission: they have set various commission modules and updated from time to time for their affiliate network. They have set their commission from 0% to 12% depends on products. Amazon set 0% commission on selected products you can check full commission details here: Amazone Affiliate Commission

ShopClues  Affiliate Program

Portal ShopClues also offers “best affiliate programs in India”. ShopClues has a good market share in e-commerce industry in India. They regularly provide discount coupons, Wednesday super saver bazaar, and Indian festival sales from time to time. ShopClues periodically use Google ads network to promote ShopClues in the Indian market. They have a range of products and high conversation rates.

ShopClues Affiliate commission:  they having various commission modules for their affiliate network. You can check full commission details here: ShopClues Affiliate commission

Optimise Affiliate Program

Optimise is an all in one global affiliate network; it’s having a good market share in India. It’s offer verity of the niche to earn money via an affiliate network. It has partnered with over 1,400 premium advertisers in more than 30 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin.

You can optimise your conversion and earnings with Indian advertisers like retail, travel, automotive, telecom, and finance industry. Optimise is the best affiliate programs in India due to its significant advertising network partners.

Start your money site earning with, Optimise affiliate more suitable for finance niche by offering advertising for city bank, HSBC, Paytm, American Express, etc.

Optimise also type with top retail brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, eBay, Groupon, etc.

If you are any travel niche then, Optimise gives the excellent opportunity for a travel blog to monetize affiliate earning with Indian advertisers like hotels.com, booking.com, yatra.com, redbus.in, Expedia, zuji, etc.

Optimise currently having four automotive affiliates brands like Toyota, Fiat, Renault, and Peugeot.

Optimise also well suitable for gadget niche by offering branded affiliate advertisers in India like Airtel, Motorola, Samsung, and Vivo.

VComission Affiliate Program

Vcommission is India’s fastest growing affiliate network. Setting records & achieving milestones year after year since 2010, vcommission has become a trendsetter in the industry for support & knowledge

Vcomission affiliate network performance on web & mobile to top Indian brands through a growing network of 17,500 affiliates.

Convert your website links to money-making links without much effort on marketing & affiliate links!

Vcomission is the ‘best affiliate programs in India’ with the big brand’s partner like Asian paints, Amazon, eBay, P&G, Mintra, Flipkart, Make my Trip, Domino’s Pizza, Snapdeal, Airtel, HomeShop18, Jabong, HDFC, Standard Chartered, Vistaprint, etc.


I have presented my best affiliate programs in India to monetize your income from affiliate networks. If you have any queries about above top affiliate network companies or want to know how to monetize your income from your website let me know by comments.

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