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9 Free SMTP Server List Public SMTP Host To Send Email

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Most popular free SMTP server list to use a public SMTP server to send emails. SMTP server required while you send personal emails or business emails and email marketing.

On the internet there are a lot of companies offer free SMTP servers, few of them are very famous like gmail.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com, outlook.com, aol.com, zoho.com, mail.com, gmx.com, etc.

These are also referring as a public SMTP host server. Free SMTP server having the limitations to send an email per day limit. The limitation to avoid spamming in marketing emails.


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What is my hostname?

If you would like to use your own mail server using your own domain hosted on a server. For example, your website hosted on the server like mydomain.com, and then you use mail.mydomain.com for an outgoing and incoming mail server. If you got any issue contact your web hosting provider.

Free SMTP Server List & Port Number:

By default SMTP server port work with port number 25 (alternate SMTP port 26) without using SSL. But in general, all the public SMTP servers use SSL certificates on their servers. Find the default SMTP port list here.

Default Server Ports:

Free smtp server

SMTP Server (Outgoing Server)

Server type (Non-Encrypted) Authentication type (None) Port No 25 and 26

Server type (Secure TLS) Authentication type (StartTLS) Port No 587

Server type (Secure SSL) Authentication type (SSL) Port No 465

POP3 Server (Incoming Server)

Server type (Non-Encrypted) Authentication type (None) Port No 110

Server type (Secure SSL) Authentication type (SSL) Port No 995

IMAP Server (Incoming Server)

Server type (Non-Encrypted) Authentication type (None) Port No 143

Server type (Secure SSL) Authentication type (SSL) Port No 993

Free SMTP server list to send emails

Free smtp server list

Gmail SMTP server
smtp.gmail.com                      SSL                 465

smtp.gmail.com                      StartTLS          587

pop.gmail.com                        SSL                 995

Note: you need to enable POP3 from your Gmail account settings.
Login to your account and enable POP3.
You also need to enable “less secure apps” (third party apps) in the Gmail settings:


smtp.live.com                         StartTLS                      587

pop3.live.com                         SSL                             995


smtp.office365.com                StartTLS                      587

outlook.office365.com            SSL                             995

Yahoo Mail

smtp.mail.yahoo.com            StartTLS                      587

pop.mail.yahoo.com               SSL                             995





smtp.live.com                         SSL                             465

pop3.live.com                         SSL                             995

Zoho Mail

smtp.zoho.com                       SSL                             465

pop.zoho.com                         SSL                             995


smtp.mail.com                        StartTLS                    587

pop.mail.com                          SSL                             995


smtp.gmx.com                        StartTLS                    587

pop.gmx.com                          SSL                             995


Much individual and business used free email services for multiple purposes. Here is the list of the most common free SMTP server list. If you know any other popular service provider not listed here, just comment on the name we will add those.

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