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How To Create a WordPress Website For Free 2020

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Do you know How To Create a WordPress Website For Free?. Yes, Are you planning to create a website? We will help you to create a free site on WordPress step by step guide by our post how to create a WordPress website for free, without learning of coding languages.

Before you start to think about website layout and contents. We need to sort out the list of things which we need to know how to create a website using WordPress.

Create a free WordPress website for beginners

  1. Register a domain name
  2. Choose the best WordPress web hosting
  3. How to install WordPress
  4. Select a best WordPress theme for a site
  5. WordPress basic configuration setting
  6. Creating pages in WordPress
  7. Set navigation menu in WordPress website
  8. Install essential Plugins in WordPress website

We have written this tutorial on demand of our users,how to create a WordPress website step by step guide. We have split our tutorial into two parts.

First step: search and register a domain name, choosing the best web hosting.

Second step: how to install WordPress, select a theme for website layout up to finalized and published.

WordPress is an open source free CMS but you have to pay few amount for desired domain name registration and web hosting cost every year.

How To Create a WordPress Website Step by Step

Step 1: Register a domain name

Now it’s the first step to choose a domain name for your site and register domain name for self. While choosing domain name pay attention to that, it represents your niche and should be easy to remember. Your domain extension preference should be on the most popular extension .com, .net and .org and depends on the availability.

I recommended you to register your domain from ‘Global I Web Solution.’ Here you will get low domain renewal charges and secure payment method. No price hike on domain renewal.

Step 2: Choosing the best web hosting

Without hosting your website couldn’t be run online, so you need to find WordPress web hosting. In web hosting there are various technical features like disk space, bandwidth, MySql database, hosting mail account, etc. if you are not techy so don’t be confused go with a medium plan. WordPress need very less amount of disk for installation.

I recommended you to choose an economic web hosting from “Global I web solution.” You can run your starter to a medium website at the very economical price.

Step 3: How to install WordPress

I am assuming that you have registered your domain and web hosting at the same time. Your domain is pointed correctly and you have received username & password, or you have put it during the account creation time, while you register domain hosting process.

Now open the browser and type your domain name followed by (/cpanel) slash cPanel. Login with your login credential which you have to create or received in the mail from the host provider.

E.g., www.Yourdomain.com/cpanel

You see the screen below to find the WordPress icon in your cPanel and click on that.


It will redirect you to the next step to choose a domain name, and install button refers to the screenshot.

Important: you will receive your new WordPress login details in your registered email account if you have not manually type.

how to install WordPress in cPanel

Here you have completed the first part of this tutorial on how to create a WordPress website step by step.

How to login in WordPress

To log in to WordPress open your site in the browser, eg, www.YourSiteName.com/wp-admin it is the default WordPress admin URL. Here I am assuming that you have received login URL including WordPress login credential in an email.

create free website on wordpress step by step

Your website is ready, and it’s online, you can browse it.

Step 4: Choose best WordPress theme for the website

WordPress offers millions of themes for free, contributed by various WordPress theme developers. By default, WordPress installs a few primary themes in your installation.

WordPress themes are CMS based templates designed by professional theme developers and WordPress community.

All WordPress themes which are available on the dashboard are free. You choose the best suitable theme for your site from the theme gallery and use it for free. Follow the steps for WordPress theme selection.

Navigate to Appearance >> theme from the left menu, you will see default WordPress themes. You can refer the attached screenshot below

Create Free Website on WordPress Guide

If you don’t like any free theme, you can buy a premium theme from theme forest.

How to create a WordPress website 2020

Setting up a website using WordPress not much tricky task, WordPress comes with the default configuration. You are few clicks away to configure basic WordPress settings on your site or blog for improvement.

Step 5: Configure basic WordPress settings

  • Setting>> General Setting: after setup WordPress theme you jump on the general setting in WordPress left admin menu. Add your site title, tagline and time zone, etc.
  • Setting >> Reading Setting: Set the WordPress reading setting from the left menu. Set your front page display URL from front page and post page. (Note: before this step you need to create pages, jump to create page step)
  • Setting >> Permalinks Setting: By default WordPress set plain permalinks, it shows in browser URL like pagename/?p=123 while you browse the site. To get WordPress permalinks advantage in SEO, set it to post name.

How to create a website using WordPress Configuration Setting

Step 6: Create pages in WordPress

To create pages in WordPress effortless navigation to pages >> Add new page from the left menu bar.

Here you may start to create some pages for your WordPress site. If you don’t have many pages, but few of them are as common as Home, About, Blog, Contact, etc.

Refer to the below screenshot. First, you have to give your page name, e.g., home as in the screenshot. Then provide text information in the page body as you needed.

How to create a website using WordPress

WordPress text body comes under text editor with a toolbar. WordPress supports text, images, audio, video and much more functionality in the toolbar.

Once you have completed the content on your page, you have to click on the publish button to make your page live on your website.

You have to repeat the same process for other pages if you needed more.

Step 7: Set navigation menu in WordPress site

Here also the same thing WordPress has generated the default navigation menu, you need to arrange it as per your pages.

If default navigation has not created on your WordPress site, you can build it by navigating to Appearance >> Menu.

Enter the name like top navigation in the text box then click on the create menu button.

Once you create the navigation menu, you have to add pages to your navigation menu by selecting the pages from the list appear on the left side. Then click on the Add to Menu button.

You can arrange the order by mouse drag & drop to your desired place and then click on the save menu button.

How to create a website using WordPress Navigation

Step 8: Install Essential Plugins in WordPress

Before you go further, I would like to inform you that, your website completed and live.

Wait, we need some more functionality on our WordPress site, so we need to install WordPress Plugins on the website.

WordPress offers more than 52000 thousand Plugins for free. But which are the best WordPress Plugins for your site? It does depend on you and your requirements.

Throw my post to find Top 10 essential Plugins in WordPress

Create Free Website on WordPress Plugins Installation

Best WordPress Plugins free download

WAIOS&F: Security is a significant part of your WordPress website, so we recommended to you. Use best free WordPress security plugin All In One WordPress Security Plugin. It will secure your WordPress website to a new level.

Yoast: Yoast SEO Plugin will help to improve on-page SEO of your WordPress website. You get maximum chance to grab more traffic from google search engine.

W3Total: W3Total cache Plugin play a vital role in your WordPress website while you try to improve website speed performance.

Contact form 7:   Contact form 7 is used to receive inquiry or feedback form data from your WordPress website to you by email.

Ultimate Sharing:  Ultimate Sharing share buttons Plugin which adds social media icons to your site to enable sharing features.


Here we have to know how to create a WordPress website. We have design free website on WordPress, we have gone throw various process. Start with domain registration, web hosting and quick WordPress installation.

In the second part, we had chooses the free WordPress theme, Configure basic WordPress settings, set up pages and menu navigation on a free WordPress website step by step.

Apart from this WordPress has plenty of features and functionality. WordPress mighty CMS and easy to use, it provides time to time updates and security improvements.

WordPress also has large community free support all around the world.


First of all, I would like to thanks for you and my team how to motivate me and support me to write a post on How to Create a WordPress website step by step.

We hope you will get understand our process and take full benefits of how to create a WordPress website. Here we have published our team experience to make a simple website. It will help beginners to professionals on WordPress to create a free website.

If you face any difficulty or got stocks on any step comment us, we provide you with free WordPress help.

If you like our post use full, please share it with others on social media.


Create free website on WordPress for beginners

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Easy to understand to create free website on WordPress step by step guide for beginners.

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