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Make money online without investment

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Now make money online without investment via a smart and easy way. Every day millions of people think and search for how to make money online. Maybe they got thousands of results and different ways to earn money online.

I agree with them, there are hundreds of ways to earn online. Due to that, I  have to pick my best 10 ways to make money online without investment. Furthermore, I have divided them into two categories as easy with a low-income group and hard with the high-income group.

Everyone is not much smart with techno, they only want to earn money online without putting so much time and affords. But if you have techno beauty, in addition, you can think beyond the boundary and little bit hard work. As a result, you will get a great opportunity to make money online.


Finally, this is the best idea to make money online in an easy way without investment.

List of the best way to make money online without investment

  1. Earn money with Google AdSense
  2. Earn money with Affiliate marketing
  3. Make money with YouTube videos
  4. Earn money by Article writing
  5. Earn money with smartphone

I would like to say it the smart way to earn money, means make money while you sleep that’s the smart way right. In this, you have to work more dedicate and keep passions to earn smart income.

  1. Online data entry work
  2. Earn money from PTC sites
  3. Earn money from GPT sites
  4. Make money from the online survey
  5. Earn money online to solve the captcha

Best way to make money online

first of all, I would like to call it the smart way to earn money online from the internet, it would be the best career choice, many bloggers had proved that. But it is not as easy as it is the hardest way to earn smart money. You have to keep passion and more dedication to make money online.


Earn money online with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the largest monetizing program worldwide. Almost all bloggers got their primary income from Google AdSense. And there are millions of tutorials and guideline available. Every day millions of user ask and search by keyword “How to Make Money from Google AdSenseon Google

You have to follow a set of rules define by Google Adsense to earn money online. The basic minimum requirements which you need to start to earn money from Adsense.

First of all, you create a Google account and sign up for AdSense. While you submitting your data Google will ask you. Where will you publish these ads? So,

Once you get your site URL complete the AdSense account. Then you will get an option to create ads, and after that, you get the code to publish on your URL.

If you need more deep details on Google AdSense, you can refer our post on how to create a Google AdSense account. You may also refer how to use Google AdSense on blogger and how to use Google AdSense on WordPress

Make money online with Affiliate marketing

How to earn money online via Affiliate marketing

Nowadays affiliate marketing is the fastest-growing program to earn money online via referrals. Almost all affiliate programs run on the recommendation.

Affiliate marketing program play between three subsets, so the best definition of affiliate marketing as I describe. Merchants as a seller buyers as a user & you as a publisher.

An affiliate marketing program allows you to promote products or merchants on your niche. Whenever you recommend any products or services, and any user buys some products or services from your recommendation. You will get paid a commission from those products. There are many fortune five companies that provide affiliate programs. Best affiliate marketing companies you can create your free affiliate account if you need more details comments below.

  1. Rakuten Affiliate Network
  2. CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction)
  3. Amazon Associates
  4. Share a Sale
  5. eBay Partner Network
  6. Click Bank
  7. Avangate
  8. Flex Offers
  9. Avantlink
  10. Revenue wire

Make money with youtube videos

Earn money with YouTube videos

YouTube is the largest video platform and it’s free, if you have a good speed internet enable the system, you can streaming your video and publish on YouTube. In addition, you can sign up with any Google account.

YouTube has given you an opportunity to link Google AdSense account with YouTube account. You can enable you all video to monetize with AdSense.

You will earn more money if your video gets more popular, video viewed should reach millions of times. I would like to suggest you make some tutorials, make crash course series or any tips and tricks which would be view more on YouTube.

If you love to know about how to record a tutorial video for YouTube refer to this post.

make money online by Article Writing

Earn money by Article writing

Article writing work is equal to writing a book or a magazine. Instead of writing for a magazine, you can write an article for online blog.

Top blogs are paying over $500 to the professional content writers who provide real value to their blog

Content writing will help you to brand yourself. Top content writers with a huge number of followers start their own blog later and earn thousands of dollars every month.

You can find the article writing or content writing work from freelancing websites.

  1. freelancing.com
  2. upworks.com
  3. peopleperhours.com

Earn money with Smartphone

If you don’t have a computer system or laptop and you want to earn money online. You still have an option to earn money online by Smartphone. There are various tasks which you can do with your Smartphone and earn money.

  1. Earn money from PTC sites
  2. Earn money from GPT sites
  3. Make money from the online survey
  4. Earn money online to solve the captcha

Best way to make money by the Smartphone with the help of affiliate program. Recommend good products to your social media and WhatsApp accounts.

Earn Money Online via data entry work

Earn money online via data entry works, it is the most traditional way, started at the beginning of the internet. It is still the best way to make money by data entry job online. The day-to-day management of huge volumes of data, generated from invoices, documents, fax, bills, receipts, purchase orders and others, is a challenge for all businesses, also needing long-term and cost-effective solutions. There are many big companies how to provide the good pay records.

(Just in case you find any of them to be illegitimate, please notify me but please don’t contact me for jobs and assignments)

I have tested with above few companies, but there are many other companies how to provide online data entry work.

Earn money from PTC sites

Paid to Clicks (PTC) sites provide an opportunity to earn money from the internet. This is another easy way to make money online via viewing ads. PTC sites are mediators between ads merchant and you. There are probably millions of PTC sites worldwide. Among them, there are few popular sites which we are listed here.

  • Clixsense
  • Neobux
  • BuxP
  • Scarlet-Clicks
  • GPTPlanet
  • Innocurrent
  • Wordlinx
  • CashCamel
  • Easyhits4U
  • Twodollarclick
  • Prizerebel
  • Paidverts
  • Inboxdollar
  • Clickcrazey
  • 100dollarPTC

Note: We have not our personal experience with any PTC site. This reference list based on our research, we are not suggesting you pay any membership amount to them.

Tips to make money online from PTC sites

  1. Regularly login into your account and view all ads at the same time.
  2. Refer your friends and colleagues to earn commissions on their joining.
  3. Sprite your referral link to all your social network circle

Earn money from GPT sites

Here is another way to make money online via getting paid to (GPT) sites. These sites offer to complete the task and get paid, therefore no hard work required. You can start earning good money online from day one.

You have to do a small task like an email reading, offers, click on ads, watching videos, manual surfing, paid to promote, searching web pages, like to Facebook pages and follow to Twitter accounts.

Here are some grate PTC sites list, which you can use.

  • Clicxsense
  • Inboxdollars
  • Ojooowad
  • Swagbucks
  • PocketmoneyGPT

Tips: first of all kindly check the payout details and also read the terms & conditions of their website.

Earn money from online survey

Similar to PTC and GPT many companies offer to earn money by fill online survey. Every day thousands of the survey are conducted online worldwide. This is also a very easy online job where you can make a good amount of money. A normal internet user can also do, you don’t need to put any logic and hard work.

Research companies want to collect data about any product or service. Each person would be having a different opinion about service or products. Research being conducted on several categories like giving the opinion on products, political views, device usage, electronics, company’s work, IT, bikes, cars, business, smartphones, drinks, travel, food, etc.

You have to create an account on online survey providers companies listed below. Log in to your account regularly read the given survey and fill your opinion.

  1. Clixsense
  2. Survey Club
  3. Opinion World
  4. Pinecone Research
  5. Toluna
  6. Swagbucks
  7. Opinion Outpost
  8. Harris Poll Online
  9. Inbox Dollars
  10. Star Panel

Make money online to solve the captcha

Captcha solving is the perfect online data entry job without investment. Hence there is no limitation in terms of work availability and earning. Consequently, you can work 24×7 and solve as much as you can solve, and get paid immediately with the minimum payout. You should have good dedication and concentration to solve the captcha. If you have good typing speed means you make money faster.

  • Everyone who could read & type English alphabets and numbers can join online captcha entry.
  • Anyone around the world can join captcha work.
  • maximum all companies payout by PayPal

Note: Before joining any site for captcha read the terms & conditions properly.

Top 10 captcha providers

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Clix Sense
  3. 2captcha
  4. Solve Captcha For Bitcoin
  5. Mega Typers
  6. Pro Typers
  7. Captcha 2 Cash
  8. Fast Typers
  9. Qlink Group
  10. Virtual Bee

You can also search these types of jobs on freelancing sites like Freelancer.com, Elance, UpWorks, People per hour, etc. Most of all companies post such jobs on regular basis.

Conclusion: we have discovered the best way to make money online. Every day millions of people search for how to earn money online. For more clarification, we have divided it into two categories. If you couldn’t understand and have any question please let us know by comment below.

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