Google Analytics Configure Important Features 2018

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Here I will explain you about how to configure Google Analytics important features properly in 2017. Many of us don’t know the proper use of Google Analytics features. Here you will get complete details to configure Google Analytics important features. I am sure you will get 100% accuracy and benefit of your visitor’s report in 2018.

What is Google Analytics?

First of all, I share with you a short about Google Analytics. It is the best tools to track your website or apps visitors from worldwide. The important part of Google Analytics is, it is 100% free so you don’t need to pay for it. Google Analytics important features as you couldn’t imagine. It tells you the total number of visitors, the source of visitors, the behaviors of website or app visitors as even it informs you the live visitors status along with Geolocation as well.

  1. Create Google Analytics Account
  2. Configure Google Analytics tracking code
  3. Ad Words linking with Google Analytics
  4. Ad Sense Lining with Google Analytics
  5. Google Analytics view setting
  6. User management
  7. Goals
  8. Enable Ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics
  9. Custom Alerts
  10. Scheduled Email

How to configure Google Analytics in website

Before you start to configure Google Analytics configure important features on your website, you need a Gmail account and also your web server login details.

Open Google Analytics in your browser by and log in with your Gmail username and password (by default your Gmail username and password are same for Google Analytics). You just need to click on sign up button and select website or mobile app as per your need. Furthermore fill the necessary details like account name website name, your tracking URL industry, and time zone consequently. Now finally you will redirect to get the tracking code. Copy the tracking code and paste it to same in your website header part.

Furthermore, I will explain to you how to put your Google Analytics tracking code on your website, as there are the different type of web hosting and probably different type of websites.

configure google analytics code

On scenario one: hence I would assume that you having cPanel control panel and custom coded website. Now open your website web hosting control panel and navigate to file manager. Open each file and paste your tracking code almost at the bottom of your page (before the </html> close) and get all the benefits of Universal Google Analytics important features. If you having any common file you need to just paste that code at one place.

On scenario two: hence I would assume you having a CMS like Word Press. Now login to WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to Appearance and click on Editor. Find the header.php file from the left menu and open it in an editor, paste your tracking code in the head section of the file and update the file.

Note: I wouldn’t suggest you install any additional WordPress plugin for Google Analytics, because too many plug-ins your website may be load very slow. If you change your theme paste the Google Analytics tracking code in new theme also.

If you have another CMS, then you need to find a common file in file manager from your hosting control panel, I suggest you it would be the same header or footer file in maximum cases. Paste your tracking code.

Now we need to verify Google Analytics property, we did all things are OK, so come back to Google Analytics panel and refresh the page, here you will see, send test traffic button a popup will open with your website home page.

Google Analytics advanced configuration

Now we will move on the advanced part of Google Analytics important features to add Google AdWords & Google AdSense in with your Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Important Features

Click on the admin and navigate property, under property you will see product linking title.

Click on AdWords linking add new link group then follow the steps. If you used Google AdWords with the same id, it will automatically fetch your details as a result. Similar that you can add Adsense account to your Google Analytics account.

Make sure your Google Analytics property setting with the prefix www or non-www and your view setting should be the same. I also notice that many users are stuck here and also confused about www vs non-www URL, in addition, refer the link. The best practice is you search your site in Google and see the result as your site is coming with www or non-www in URL. Use the same option in property setting and view setting.  For example, if you site use www then you should use www in your property setting and views setting.

User management one of the best features to share your Google analytics access to any other Google Analytics account. This features very usefully when you hire an agency or freelancer and even you can share with your friend also. Google Analytic user management give you full control over account level permission.

Google Analytics Important Features

Especially we will explain about most important feature of Google Analytics. Which will help you to analyze your all online campaigns output or i like to say ROI return of investment. Google Analytics Goals and Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking setup, in the view property, click on the goals and add new goal there are three steps to fill the required details. Similarly, you have to enable Google Analytics Ecommerce setting in Analytics view property. And the result will appear same on acquisition overview property on the left menu.

Finally, you can also define custom alert and scheduled email when ever any target or you achieve the goal, you will receive an alert message and email.


Our intention to educate users and properly use of any products or service. Here we explained about Google Analytics important features. Create an Analytics account configure in to your site, and properly set up most important features. In conclusion, There are many other features which are not cover in this topic like session and tracking reports. If you facing any difficulty for configure Google Analects in your website, please leave comments below.

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