PayUmoney Payment Gateway Integration WordPress Plugin

PayUmoney Payment Gateway Integration WordPress Step By Step Guide

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The process of PayUmoney Payment Gateway Integration is straightforward by WordPress Plugin. I will show you how to install and configure the PayUmoney plugin for Woocommerce on your WordPress website.

Now you can collect payment online from your website through credit card, debit card, net banking and other payment wallets. This plugin supports payment through both PayUmoney and Citrus. (Citrus Payments is now a Subsidiary of PayU).

The PayUMoney WordPress Plugin will support the latest version of Woocommerce 3.x. If you are using Woocommerce version 2.x. So we suggest you upgrade your Woocommerce and other WordPress plugins.

PayUmoney Payment Gateway Integration

PayuMoney-PayUmoney Payment Gateway Integration WordPress Plugin
PayUmoney Payment Gateway Integration

1) Have a merchant account with PayUmoney or Citrus Payments. If haven’t already registered, please visit and then register as a merchant.

2. Know your PayUmoney Salt & Key to collect Payments via PayUmoney.These are available on the account details tab in PayUmoney dashboard.

Know your Citrus Access Key & Secret Key which are available on the Citrus Merchant Dashboard.

PayUmoney Plugin For WordPress Steps To Integrate

Here I will cover step by step with screen short PayUmoney Payment Gateway Integration process. PayUmoney WordPress Plugin free download Installing from the WordPress Admin Panel.

1) Login to your site as WordPress admin.

2) Choose Plugins from the Admin Menu & Click on ‘ Add New ’ submenu to add new plugins.

payumoney-payment-gateway-integration-PayUmoney Payment Gateway Integration WordPress Plugin

3) Click on Upload Plugin button at the top of the screen.
4) Choose File from the appropriate location of the
PayUmoney_Woocommerce Module file on your computer.

5) Click on Install. WordPress will then install the plugin and ask if you want to activate the plugin.

6) Click on ‘ Activate Plugin ’ to activate the PayUmoney Payment Gateway plugin.
7) Do Configurations as detailed in the section ‘ Configuring the Plugin’ section.

payumoney-woocommerce-integration-PayUmoney Payment Gateway Integration WordPress Plugin

8) From the WooCommerce Admin Menu choose ‘Settings’ and then Checkout ( In Older
versions are known as Payment Gateways ).

payumoney-Plugin-for-WordPress-PayUmoney Payment Gateway Integration WordPress Plugin

9) Scroll down and Choose PayUmoney to configure the Plugin.

Note: If you do not see PayUmoney in the list at the top of the screen make sure you have activated the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Manager.

10) Enter the PayUmoney Merchant Key and salt. The values of key and salt are available in your Payumoney merchant dashboard. Also, choose the gateway mode as ‘Sandbox’ if you want to test the payments in the Test environment. (Or choose ‘Production’).

payumoney-payment-WordPress-plugin-PayUmoney Payment Gateway Integration WordPress Plugin

11)Scroll Down and enter the Citrus Access Key and Citrus Secret Key to enable Citrus as a Payment Gateway on your merchant.

Note: You may skip this step(4) if you want to configure only PayUmoney and do not need Citrus as a backup Payment Gateway. In that case, the entire traffic will be routed through PayUmoney. (Or through Citrus if only Citrus is configured and not PayUmoney)

Configure PayUmoney Payment Gateway

12) Once you enable Citrus as a Payment Gateway you can also configure what percentage of the traffic should be routed between Citrus & PayUmoney as shown in the screenshot above.

  • In the field Payment to Route to Citrus(%): Mention the percentage of traffic that should be routed through Citrus Payment Gateway.
  • In the field Payment to Route to PayUmoney(%): Mention the percentage of traffic that should be routed through PayUmoney Payment Gateway.

13) Set My Account from the selection list as the default Return Page after payment response. You may also create a custom page and set here. However, the custom page must contain appropriate WordPress/WooCommerce codes to show custom messages. Refer WordPress/WooCommerce development guide for using custom pages to do response handling.

14) Click on Save. Payumoney will now start appearing on your checkout page. now you have completed all the process for your site with PayUmoney Payment Gateway Integration.

PayUmoney payment gateway WordPress plugin

PayU is the fintech and e-payments division of Naspers groups of USA. In India, it’s providing the service in the name of PayU India and operating site as If you face any issue during PayUmoney integration, you can contact to PayUmoney customer care they will help you. PayUmoney customer care number 124-6793000 or you can also get help via support after login the dashboard, PayUmoney login here

Do you like to integrate CCAvenue on your WordPress site? refer our post on CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration In WordPress Guide

Conclusion: We have explained to you the step by step entire process, of PayUmoney Payment Gateway integrate via Plugin in your WooCommerce shopping cart with WordPress Plugin. If you couldn’t understand any point or facing any issue on your site while integration PayUmoney payment gateway. Let us know by comments below.

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