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6 Email Marketing for small business Tips To Start Building

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Email marketing always the best way to publish your content electronically. It also provides good returns on your investment. The secrets of successful email marketing build by the many years of experiments. My 6 secrets tips of email marketing for small business start-ups give them the best experience.

Most business people check their mail regularly almost 3 to 5 times in a day, and smart business person configures their mail in handy devices like mobile and tabs. A proper email marketing for the small business campaign will give you a good return on your investment.

6 Tips To Start Building A Email Marketing for small business You Always Wanted

  1. Planning your goal
  2. Prepare your email content
  3. Create email template
  4. Email Marketing SMTP Server Provider
  5. Email marketing subscriber list
  6. Analyse and reporting

Before you start to do anything, first of all, you have to set your goal. I am given you predefined a straightforward method, which will help you to achieve your goal. First, think about what you want to do and split them into small resources. As I have defined in 6 secret points about email marketing. Here are simple suggestions. What did I want to send in email marketing campaign? When did I want to submit the email campaign?

Email Marketing For Small Business

These questions will help you to set up your goal. The secrets about the email marketing for a small business campaign are the answers to above questions.

Answer: you can send the product information in your email marketing, information about unique service if your company offer, you may send discount coupons, seminar invitation, exhibitions information in which you were participating and request.

Answer: when you would like to send, decide any date as per your targeted schedule and availability of all other resources, to make your campaign successful

Prepare your email marketing content

Prepare your email content as like professional email. Your content is your face to communicate with your email readers. Make sure you use an attractive subject line around 30 to 50 characters. Write a single headline and then short intro in the message body. Don’t publish lengthy information as readers may be busy.

Create email marketing template for small business

Create email marketing template in three parts, header, body and footer. There are many ready to use application that let you design your email by drag and drop. If it is your first time, I will suggest you send a simple text message. Don’t include images on email body, because most email clients block images to display.

Email Marketing SMTP server for small business

SMTP server is the backbone of email marketing for small business. There are many companies around the world provide SMTP servers to send bulk email newsletters. Maximum all SMTP provider have free trail simply I say try with MailChimp, which offer free 12000 emails per month and up to 2000 subscribers. You can check free SMTP server list.

Email marketing subscriber list for small business

To whom you want to send? Send it to your subscribers, your current customers. If you don’t have any subscribers, I will suggest you to start collecting your email subscriber list immediately from your blog. You can experiment your first email marketing campaign by export your regular email address contact list.

Email marketing for small business analyze & reporting

It’s time to evaluate what you did in your first email marketing for the small business campaign. If you had used third-party SMTP service, they would provide analytic reports to assessing campaign task. Check how many people open your email and check click-through rate by how many clicks your link got.

Once you analyze your report find and bad things from their and improve your open rate and click-through rate. An average open rate of 20% to 30% and click through rate 2% to 5% would be reasonable. Open rate and CTR depends on various factor and category may be slightly different from the above figure. Email marketing will support website performance improvement.


Conclusion: Email marketing is an extensive category, and I had tried to make it very simple for you. I have covered the base part of email marketing for small business. If you need more guidance while create email marketing campaign let us know by comments.

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