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What Is IP Address? How It’s Work

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What is IP Address?

If the internet was a swine world, later think of IP addresses as a country, street, and home numbers. They are basically 4 sets of numbers from 0-255 at odds by dots and see considering this:

Each computer related to the internet has an IP home assigned to them by their internet encourage provider.

All visitors to your website have an IP residence which is stored in your websites access log files. This means that all websites that you visit furthermore stores your IP dwelling.

You can conceal this sponsorship by using a VPN further. This allows you to conceal your IP address and postscript personal information.

An IP address, or handily an “IP,” is a unique ablaze that identifies a device as regards the subject of the Internet or a local network. It allows a system to be attributed by late addendum systems associated via the Internet protocol. There are two primary types of IP dwelling formats used today  IPv4 and IPv6.

How IP Address Work


IPv4 quarters consist of four sets of numbers from 0 to 255, estranged by three dots. For example, the IP dwelling of TechTerms.com is This number is used to identify the TechTerms website upon the Internet. When you visit http://techterms.com in your web browser, the DNS system automatically translates the domain state “techterms.com” to the IP dwelling “”

There are three classes of IPv4 habitat sets that can be registered through the InterNIC. The smallest is Class C, which consists of 256 IP addresses (e.g. 123.123.123.xxx where xxx is 0 to 255). The adjacent largest is Class B, which contains 65,536 IP addresses (e.g. 123.123.xxx.xxx). The largest block is Class A, which contains 16,777,216 IP addresses (e.g. 123.xxx.xxx.xxx).

The quantity number of IPv4 addresses ranges from to Because 256 = 28, there are 28 x 4 or 4,294,967,296 practicable IP addresses. While this may seem gone a large number, it is no longer passable to lid all the devices associated with the Internet on the world. Therefore, many devices now use IPv6 addresses.


The IPv6 home format is much interchange than the IPv4 format. It contains eight sets of four hexadecimal digits and uses colons to sever each block. An example of an IPv6 residence is: 2602:0445:0000:0000:a93e:5ca7:81e2:5f9d. There are 3.4 x 1038 or 340 undecillion) attainable IPv6 addresses, meaning we shouldn’t control out of IPv6 addresses anytime soon.

Block IP Address

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