WordPress Database Update Required

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WordPress database update required issue is widespread whenever you upgrade your WordPress website manually. You will see the message on your WordPress admin login page as “database update required.” This will also identify as WordPress database update required loop. We have the straightforward solution to solve database update required issue on your WordPress website.

WordPress Database Update Required Message

This is due to a mismatch between the databases versions you said you are using in the settings.wordpress database update required Sometimes, when you update WordPress database by click on the button says “Update WordPress Database,” but it does nothing. The browser rounded and then shows a blank white page on WordPress website on top.

Note:  before you change anything in your WordPress website, make sure take a copy of backup of your website.

WordPress regularly update their self to improve WordPress security of your website and framework. We will always advise you to update your WordPress website and WordPress plugins with a stable release.

WordPress Database Update Required Solution

Site URL in WP_Options table must be populated to the home page of the website.
You can check this from the PhpMyAdmin

Log into cPanel >> Click on PhpMyAdmin >> Select the database from left side >> Click on the table “WP_Options” >> Check the siteURL option.

wordpress database update required

Please follow these steps to solve Database update required issue:

  1. Go to /wp-includes/ folder and open the version.php.
  2. Find the value for $wp_db_version, and write it down.
  3. Now, open your database, check in the table called wp_options
  4. Find the db_version value: SELECT option_value FROM your database wp_options WHERE option_name = ‘db_version’;
  5. Those two values must be the same. Change it in the version.php file, not the database.

Conclusion: We have personally followed these steps whenever we face WordPress database update required issue on our site. There is no any harm or loss of your site by updating your version and database version to the same.

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